The world of decapoda is very rich and full of wonders,

Yet, most of information about them are very poorly represented in general awareness of people. All the interesting things and scientific knowledge are strewn throughout the internet. Sometimes, they are readily available, sometimes not. The main reason why I created this website is to gather all the information and photographs and make one big systematic and synoptic database, free for everybody. For everybody who's keen on crabs, or not yet aware of their amazing world. Welcome to the world I've fell in love with. Come and take a look, maybe you'll find it amazing too.

If you are a photographer or just in good mood to help, please do not hesitate and share your photos of crabs with me. You can send them on my email, or just contact me and we can discuss details. You can help to make this database really useful and more complete. Your name will be shown to everybody. This database couldn't even exist without help of every single enthusiastic people I know and my friends!

Ing. Ondřej Radosta

My great thanks to all who helped:

Thank you very much to my kind and generous friend Chi-tse Lee, who contributed with amazing crabs of Taiwan. For great help with european crabs I have to thank my Czech friends Ladislav Busta and Miloslav Petrtyl. Also great thanks to Jimmy Munez and Ricks Rab Costora, the most of asian species in my museum are from him. For being my personal scientific brain I thanks a lot to Nathaniel Evans, Milan Koch and professor Colin McLay. Thanks for help from always very friendly and enthusiastic Kasae Sahato, and of course thank you JC Mendoza for all your pictures and indentifications.

I'm also very proud and thankful, for Tin-Yam Chan joining this project. His photos are the most amazing crab photos I've ever seen. He is very important member of our team.

Last but not least, I have to thank to every contributor of this website, especially to Arthur Anker, Andrey Ryanskyi, Peter Bardsley, Robert Lasley, Mos Nattapat, Steven Campbell, Ling-Kuang Tseng, and many many others!

Graphic arts & icons: Adam Dvořák

Web: Jakub Brodský


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